Lilac, lavender, violet and blue tones

Lilac, lavender, violet and blue tones

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He lilac, serene and sweet, it is easily associated with the fields of lavender. Move to your home the feeling of well-being that they transmit with a serene decoration, with lilac brushstrokes.

Combined with White and with natural wood, lilac is ideal to give a feminine and romantic air to the environment, as in this bedroom, relaxing and balanced.

You can increase the dose of lilac, if chalk paint is used in that shade to decorate charming accessories, such as frames, mirrors, utensils, boxes, vases, chairs or auxiliary furniture.

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The lilac and blue flowers, which seem freshly picked from the field and emerge from a basket, flood every corner with beauty. Country arrangements, casual looking are trending! Basket and stool, from Pimpernel & Partners. Flower pots and watering can, from Garden & Wood.

Vintage aquamanil

Recreating the simplicity of another era is easy, if the decoration bets on vintage pieces. The idea of ​​placing an old aquamanil with a pedestal to collect the laundry lying in the sun in the garden, causes a pleasant feeling of well-being.

A trip to the past with fresh fragrances that evoke memories. Aguamanil vintage, similar, in almonedas and flea markets. Apply, in the same style, in Laura Ashley.

Grouping several watering cans and some pots is a good resource to make any outdoor corner more cozy. Look for designs that, due to their shapes and materials, harmonize with the pavement, the walls, the façade ... The aged metals integrate well in this environment of gray lamas.

Vintage aesthetic bed

Relaxing, evokes summer nights. It will stand out more if it is contrasted with a tone in this same darker range and of course, with a bright white. Vintage aesthetic bed and white paint with a similar finish, by Laura Ashley. Linen, by Cologne & Cotton. Floral linen on the cushion, by Bennison.

Retro bottle

Looking for ideas for an arrangement? Have you tried mixing flowers in the purple, lilac and blue ranges? The result is spectacular. They are sophisticated, infrequent tones, but they squander glamor and easily become a focal point.

Place the flowers in a transparent vase, so that the green of the stems - a color that fuels these ranges - adds to the color mix. Retro bottle of Cinzano, from Pimpernel & Partners; It can also be purchased online on Etsy, for example.

Vintage wooden furniture

With vases full of flowers and pieces of yesterday, wooden furniture with a vintage patina gain presence. And not only that, the atmosphere becomes calm and warm when the textures and disparate shapes of the objects form a collage with such charm as that of this corner, where the touches of lilac, blue and metal give homogeneity to the whole. Mesa, from Ebay. Similar complements, from companies such as Affari, Nordal, Lene Bjerre, IB Laursen, Parlane ...

Paintings, postcards, prints, curious objects and others from decades ago are perfect to decorate a corner with a magazine look. The secret to make your image a neglected point, only in appearance, forget the symmetric distribution and play with volumes and heights of the pieces. If there are too many, save some and rotate them!

Full of nuances

The combination of mauve with the most romantic blues transmits serenity to any environment. They are ideal shades to give a feminine and country air to the decoration.

The paint in these ranges are infallible to refresh and give a summery touch to the space. Bet on subtle contrasts and take advantage of its natural elegance. Paintings, from Farrow & Ball.


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