To order! Proposals to organize the whole house

To order! Proposals to organize the whole house

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Frequently reviewing the objects that children use allows us to discover that some do not work: dry markers or notebooks of stickers and scribbles already complete, are some examples. Why are they still there? Remind him to do this kind of cleaning in her room. To recycle In addition to glass, plastic and paper, which is separated and deposited in specific containers, there are other waste that we must take to the Clean Point, fixed or mobile, of our municipality: electronic devices, used domestic oil, light bulbs, tubes of light, radiographs, cartridges, paints, aerosols. Pick up and order They shouldn't be punishments. If the child associates these activities with an unpleasant experience, he will avoid them. Yes it is convenient to establish routines, such as that after playing, you have to pick up. The concept of immediacy is important, that the child mentally associates the disorder with ordering.

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Decorators use them as a moodboard, or inspiration board, and they place diverse images and elements on them. But it is also a good home organizer to remember tasks, appointments, errands, purchases, designated dates ... It is ideal in this design that the bottom is bent, because it increases its storage capacity. Grating Mesh (€ 83), tweezers and lamp Opal (€ 255); from House Doctor.

Leather rings

This handmade proposal is added to the conventional key box, but just as practical: a pair of fine wooden slats to drive on the rivets and leave them there. The idea of ​​hanging deco details also adds style to this cute corner for the keys. Rings with leather, from House Doctor (€ 5/15).

Modular furniture

There are objects that are better to hide, because they contribute nothing to the decoration or because they should be invisible to children; Older items are not their toys. Serie Rubick Roble Spaceo, from Leroy Merlin, with multiple storage options. Basic module (€ 26.95) and with nine modules (from € 89.95).

Desk with chest of drawers

Draw, study or make crafts ... To carry out each of these activities, it is necessary to use certain items. The kids will find everything at the first, if it is organized in boxes, drawers, folders and filing cabinets. From Maisons du Monde: desk Fjord (€ 229.90), chest of drawers Anja (€ 34.99), chair Mauricette (€ 79.99), Zoé watch (€ 19.99) and container with wheels Anjelina (44,99 €).

Airtight jars

Furniture with glass doors have no secrets, so bet on an order of the pieces that is also decorative. It will be easier if you store food in containers in a harmonic color range. Airtight jars (€ 7 and € 9); white boats (€ 50 / three) and board (€ 65); from Hübsch.

Stacked towels

Avoid the closet is full of items, do you really need them all? In the case of towels, stack them and leave free space around. From Really Nice Things: towels (€ 39.99 / set), table (€ 59) and basket (€ 39).

Console in the hall

Maintaining order in a house is a matter of following habits that favor it, but also of getting functional furniture, such as this versatile console. It is practical for the receiver, because it is only 20 cm deep and is not a hindrance to circulation; but its design with cabinets and shelves also gives a lot of play in other rooms. Furniture, in 1.20 x 0.79 m (€ 284) and accessories, by Car Möbel.

Wall cabinets

Generating less waste is taking care of the planet, but it is also separating those that have been produced at home. Use boxes and containers with the front labeled, so that it is easier and that the image of the kitchen remains impeccable, as in this Ikea proposal, with wall cabinets Method, With door Flädie0.40 x 0.38 x 1 m (€ 69 each); boxes Pluggis (€ 8.99 and € 11.99). On the floor, cubes Raffle (€ 9.99 each).

Kitchen cart

It can be useful in any room of the house and moves easily. It is a cart in the kitchen, for utensils and food, but it can also be used to order cosmetics and toiletries in the bathroom; as a waitress in the dining room; to organize crafts and sewing materials ... Cart Raskog, from Ikea; in steel, measures 35 x 45 x 78 cm (€ 39.99).

Shelf system

The shelves for various boats and containers are basic; the system ElfIn addition, it incorporates removable baskets and has a plus: its distribution can be easily reconfigured. Two tips to remember in a pantry: place the heaviest and most bulky in the lower area and have lighting. Photo composition, for sale at Howards Storage World
(€ 700 approx.).

Shelves and boxes

Dressings on the one hand, spices on the other, oils, salts and peppers, and the great variety of gourmet condiments that every chef has at home ... Not forgetting the pastries. If they are organized well, according to their use and in containers, it is easier to find them. There is also an additional advantage, cleaning is much faster. Shelves Grundtal (€ 19.99 each) and boxes Vary (€ 3.99 each); Everything from Ikea.

Painted paper

When toys and games are well ordered, they seem new and you want to use them. From the first years you can instill the habit of order so that when you pass the age of playing kitchens, they are sorted with their school supplies, sports and clothing and why not? in the kitchen of the house and housework. Cups (€ 31.20 / 6); star plate (€ 9.90); household; baskets (from € 38.50 each); box (€ 89.90) and wallpaper. Everything from Rice.