Would you use a drone to walk your dog?

Would you use a drone to walk your dog?

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Yes, of course New technologies make life infinitely easier. Thanks to the robot vacuum cleaners we can forget about the weekly cleaning; the smart homes they contribute to create a more efficient environment and help us in tasks that, although a priori seem the simplest, deep down they do not stop representing a waste of time ...

But, To what extent could the human being arrive in order to save a few minutes or not make a small effort? Indeed, uncontrolled technology can become dangerous (and if not, tell the characters of Black mirror), but If we talk about affecting the quality of life of our pets, isn't it time to put a brake on it?

According to the English company Drones Direct, it seems that no. The company has released a series of drones called Proflight Walkies Dog Drones, that take care of walking your dog on the route you choose on the GPS, with a duration of up to 30 minutes. But wait, that's not all!

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Drone It includes a retractable belt, hands-free piloting, and also runs at an "automatic altitude." All while avoid obstacles thanks to its "built-in collision prevention technology".

And of course, too has a surveillance camera that allows you to see your little one through the smartphone.

But here comes the big question ... Instead of spending a lot of money and seeing your dog moving through a screen, wouldn't it be healthier (for both of them) to lift the back of the sofa and go for a walk with him? 😕

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