Showcooking: equip your kitchen

Showcooking: equip your kitchen

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Although we all know what kitchen we would like to have, reality imposes certain demands. It is useless to dream of a double-door refrigerator when we barely have room to place cabinets. The surface is key when distributing furniture and accessories. A dishwasher 45 cm wide, instead of a standard 60 cm, can get us out of trouble. The multifunction appliances, Like a microwave oven, they will take up half the space. As for the facilities, they are worth you as they are or you are worth investing in changing drains and outlets
of current and water to plan a new kitchen?

Furniture also requires tricks. It is convenient that the sink, dishwasher and cupboards or drawers where you store the dishes are on the same front, so you will avoid walks in the kitchen. Analyze the utensils. What is the use of having so many pans if you only use a couple of them? And that display of casseroles would take less if you bought a stackable battery. By reducing kitchen utensils, you can give space to furniture intended for storage. Next to them, place the fridge, but away from the cooking zone to avoid the loss of refrigerators.

Security is another basic aspect. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it is worth placing furniture that does not force you to force your back. The Xey firm has modules that rise 94 cm from the ground, which prevents awkward postures. When it comes to preventing risks, lighting is key. The usual thing is to install downlights embedded in the false ceiling: they exist in square, rectangular and round format, but the latter are better installed because they line up more easily. The downlight with led consume less energy than those that use energy saving light bulbs. Y the countertop can be illuminated from the bottom of the high cabinets with continuous or fluorescent LED rails so as not to leave shaded areas.

Advertising - Continue reading below Stainless steel kitchen

This finish gives an industrial air to the kitchen. It is important that the appliances are paneled in the same type of steel - polished, brushed, burnished ... - so that they are better integrated.

From Ikea: cabinets Method, with doors and drawer front Grevsta, more appliances (€ 1,515).

Wooden kitchen furniture

In its lighter varieties, wood recreates cozy environments ... without reloading space!

In this case, the finish in Ivory Ash and the design of the furniture with a gola system - an aluminum profile that makes it easy to pull the front and open it without the need to place handles - allows you to place modules on a wall-to-wall column and integrate the ovens and the fridge.

It's about the model Line-E, from Santos.

White, versatile tone

It is a timeless bet on which it is easy to add utensils, jars or a toaster of the style you prefer without changing the furniture to update the kitchen.

The category S1, from Xey, it is available in 20 more shades and in different finishes: laminated, laminated, polylaminated, glass, wood and lacquered.

Retro single lever

Add a chic touch to the kitchen with retro faucet models like this faucet Fairfax, by Jacob Delafon (€ 403.29);

My Easy Touch design

Model Zedra, de Grohe, which activates the flow by touching the pipe (€ 394).

The utensils, by hand

Place a bar on the work front and hang on it spices, ladles and other everyday items. To make your dishes with optimal visibility, to avoid cuts and other homemade accidents, illuminate the countertop.

The furniture of the collection Artwood, Schmidt Kitchens, include recessed light points under the high modules.

Classic shooter

In addition to aesthetics, shooters should be comfortable.

From the Viefe firm: Deco, red (€ 8.67).

My round design

Mandala It means sacred circle. Hence, this mosaic of the same name includes them (€ 26.68 / piece of 28 x 28 cm). It is from Dune.

Island bell

If your kitchen is large and square, you will get more out of the surface with a central island. In case you decide to place the plate on it, keep in mind that on the ceiling you must have the necessary installation to place a bell.

The model Sygma Island 1200, Cata signature, measuring 120 cm, has an extraction capacity of up to 820 m3 / h and a minimum sound level, perfect for kitchens integrated in the living room (€ 955 approx.).

Bake without surprises

Enough of biscuits that do not rise and roasts that remain raw. The multifunction oven H 6860 BP, de Miele, incorporates a wireless thermal probe so that your dishes are in the right place and Climate function, which perfects the result of roasts and pastries.

Essential to make your life easier

A refrigerator with storage capacity; BN31AS1, from Panasonic (€ 899).

A washing machine that spends little

OkoMix, from AEG, it consumes 50% less energy than an A +++ washing machine (€ 949).


You already knew it as a resistant material for the floor, but now it is also used in countertops! Porcelain Techlam®, Levantina signature, is light and with a vitrified enamel that makes it ideal for cooking. Model Basic anthracite, with grooved edge and matching front (€ 115 / m2 approx.).

Lowest priority

Imagine a piece of 95% natural silica ore to which pigments and resins are added with great hardness and resistance to abrasion and scratching.

That, precisely, is the technological quartz of the Compac firm. Its porosity, almost nil, makes it resistant to fats and acids such as lemon or wine.

Which color do you prefer?

Silestone® has a card with more than 60 shades, for example the Rosso Monza in polished finish of the image.

Composed of inorganic materials such as quartz, which are bonded with a resin, it is flexible, scratch resistant and with bacteriostatic properties.


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