A renovated family home with personality

A renovated family home with personality

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A 10-year-old single-family home is now a bright and practical house, with a strong family character, which has ideas for copying. When the owners took over what was going to be their home they decided to undertake a reform to make their 90 square meters profitable and adapt them to their needs. Laura Yerpes Interior Design Studio was in charge of the "miracle."

It is located in Moncada, a town 5 km from Valencia. The original state of the house was optimal since it was not very old either. But the distribution was poorly resolved and the original dimensions of the spaces very small.

The pattern of the new owners to the study in charge of the reform was that they needed to make their space. They did not want obstacles in the passage areas. They demanded modern and bright touches and very practical spaces. For example, they liked the idea of ​​picking up the stairs on a white shelf, which at the same time serves as a closet for the lobby.

The motto of the study here "When space does not spare, ingenuity must not be lacking" It is evident in every corner.

As for the decoration, simple and minimalist lines fill spaces full of light in which the pieces have been limited to the indispensable ones. Only the most functional have a place. The color palette revolves around light, red and gray tones. For furniture has been made to measure to maximize the available spaces and meet the needs.

Project: Laura Yerpes Interior Design Studio (

Photographs: Germán Cabo (

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room and dining room

Laura Yerpes's studio was responsible for the reform of this family home. For furniture, it has been tailored to take advantage of the space and adapt the furniture to the needs of a family with two children. They did not want to abuse unnecessary decorative elements, only functional pieces, which did not saturate the space.

Custom furniture and recurring colors

For decoration, it was based on a light color palette with gray and red notes. This is how you get a modern and cosmopolitan living room that shares space with the dining room.

In the living room they face a sofa and two armchairs, leaving a free central space. On the wall, a low bench with audiovisuals and three columns on the wall. The dining room is located between the sofas, near the wall.

The living room furniture has been custom designed. Carpet and deco objects, from Thai Natura.

Separator element

Behind the armchairs, an element of wooden slats that delimits the space but maintains visual continuity with a distribution area.

In the project, the entrance and the distribution corridor that connects the living room and the kitchen were modified to create a wider and more fluid space in steps and paths.

Sofas, by Frajumar.

Spaces with continuity in two heights

This cozy house has two heights: the ground floor houses the areas where the family develops day life (living room, kitchen and terrace). On the upper level, the rooms and a work area.

A basic decoration

In this shot of the living room you can see the simplicity of interior design. A functional decoration of basic. Dining table, Midi.

The kitchen

The elongated kitchen has furniture on a single linear front and a breakfast bar and fast food on the opposite wall.

Work front

The kitchen, with lots of natural light, has white furniture and countertop and front in a striking red (in Silestone).

Furniture, by Zampieri.

Breakfast bar

The oak wood table is custom designed. It serves as a table and also expands the work surface. It has metal legs lacquered in red.

With natural light

Direct entry of natural light through the window.

The main room

In the bedrooms the tones are quieter. Neutral and white and brush strokes, when any, in pastel tones.

The main room has a clean line decoration.

A headboard with sculptural art

On the headboard wall, an aged bronze sculpture stands out.

Integrated furniture

The single-line bedside tables are integrated in the headboard, an iron in the same finish, from side to side of the wall on which the bed rests.

With integrated bathroom

Next to the bed a door through which you access the bathroom of the room.


In the bathroom integrated in the master bedroom the bathtub was removed, replacing it with a large shower with sliding door screen and porcelain stone cladding.

In the washbasin area, the mirrors grant spaciousness to the environment.

Children's bedroom with bunk bed

The children's bedroom has been solved with custom furniture in white DM: a bunk bed, a stidium table and shelves.

Work zone

The interior design studio created a functional and mini office in a distribution area (it was essential to take advantage of every corner). It has a folding work table, which leaves the area clear.

With the doors closed

Work area with closed doors. More privacy