Furniture, materials, lighting and ideas to fully enjoy your terrace or garden

Furniture, materials, lighting and ideas to fully enjoy your terrace or garden

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The high season of terraces, patios and gardens has arrived. We want to spend more hours outdoors with the goal, almost always, of disconnecting. Ideally, set foot in our outdoor corner and enter vacation mode. But as stylish outdoor environments do not arise spontaneously, it's time to correct mistakes to turn the decor around. How? With a road map, based on the keys that every decorator and landscape designer applies. To do this, we give the floor to the experts, who tell us where to start. For Andrea G. Padín, of the study The Green Room, the important thing is "to make an approach of uses and zones and to establish priorities, since perhaps one of the most frequent mistakes is to want to put all kinds of activities in a small space".

The activities that will be carried out will mark what is necessary in each case, as Andrea indicates; for some it will be a space "for family meals" and others will want "to look beautiful from the inside all year." María Lizarraga, from the Ikea interior design team, highlights in the case of the terraces the importance "that they become a comfortable place, where you want to stay, and live unique moments taking advantage of the good weather". Your formula for these environments where "you try to replicate everything that is done inside the house", It goes through "creating functional spaces, betting on natural materials - such as rattan, cotton and linen - and giving a personal touch to textiles and lighting."

Each exterior is conditioned by the meters, but for Andrea there are always resources that work. In the terraces it would be "to give continuity to the finishes using the same materials or similar ranges in pavements and cladding, for example, with wooden pallets and planters or polished cement floors with work planters of the same finish." Some deco keys that María Lizarraga points out are: "mix and match cushions that show your personality, a lighting that makes the space more cozy and generates a more summery atmosphere, for example, with lanterns."

And on the roofs and chalets, what to do? We transfer the question to the company Saxun, specialized in bioclimatic pergolas, a solution to expand the living area in both cases. Francisco Mollar, marketing, stands out among its advantages: "have an extra space to make life all year long" and protect the space it covers from solar radiation, wind, rain and snow. Something that is possible because its automated slats are adjustable, offer intelligent sun protection against the weather, and a natural temperature regulation. That is, they have the versatility of a movable roof and the advantages of a fixed one. On sunny days they can enjoy a pleasant shading and in the rainy they become a waterproof cover.

Finally, although as important as furniture and lighting, it is the selection of plants. From The Green Room propose "use vegetation with meaning, for example, hiding unwanted views, and choosing a short range of plants, from three to five species at most, to make the terrace look bigger. "" In our projects -continues- we choose species of plants and shrubs that bloom without our having to work too hard, only with controlled irrigation and minimal care. "And here the deco and green. Just add: check the weaknesses of your outdoor space and take action for the terrace this summer to practice at home.

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The tool that the best interior designers use to turn the decoration around is to change the appearance of the furniture, either with textiles or with new colors; here it was made with the armchairs and children's tables, of Ikea. Adding some detail to a wall, such as letters and posters, relocating plants or putting a carpet, such as low cost vinyl, are other resources at your fingertips. Interior design, by M&F Deco.


Sunny days, longer afternoons and ultimately, hours of natural light, so beneficial to health and mood. With a pleasant temperature and an ultra comfortable seating area, it only remains to gather family and friends. The solution for everyone to be at ease: a corner sofa for eight people (€ 1,239) and two poufs that give a lot of play (€ 161/2) around a coffee table (€ 299). Collection Le mans, of El Corte Inglés.

DAY ... AND NIGHT documentation

Furniture, coverings and colors can be beautiful, but they have no light. What atmosphere do you want to enjoy at night in your outdoor space? Poor lighting ruins the most careful decoration. Therefore, spotlights, decorative lights, wall lights, etc. They are key in any outdoor project.

The latest in this sector: The Philips Hue smart wireless system, which allows you to adapt the color and intensity of the light and create light scenes.

To buy 83,74 €

More info about this Philips news at The lamp with damajuana is from Vical Home. Interior designer, Jessica Bataille.

FAIR LIGHTS documentation

The fair or verbena lights move to the outside of private terraces and gardens, to which they give an air of summer festival. They are easy to place and, in addition, versatile because they can cross the open sky, and decorate walls, doors, railings, lattices ... Ikea has several options similar to the garland of this environment. Among them, the LEDs Utsund, which work with batteries - without plug - and a timer that after one hour turns them on every day and turns them off 6 hours later.

To buy 14,99 €

IDEAS THAT WORK documentation

The challenge of many urban terraces is to take advantage of its elongated plant.

The solution: light furniture, vertical plants, a semicircular umbrella with a crescent base -which does not impede the passage-, and curtains that slow the afternoon sun and transmit freshness.

Buy Plant Support Salladksål (49,99 €)

Stool Stackholmen (€ 25), parasol Bramsön / Flisö (€ 50) and folding dining room Tärnö (€ 35). Everything from Ikea.

OPEN 24 HOURS documentation

This outdoor space, under a terraced pergola with bleached bamboo cover, and fan, adapts to multiple uses: seating area, rest area and solarium.

With benches to sit or sit and two easy-to-move sunbeds, it has an air chill out Y slow, perfect for enjoying the day, but also for organizing a party and savoring summer nights. Architect, Joan Arnau Farrás.

NEW LOOK documentation

Mud, stone, gravel ... The hallmarks of a country house create an ideal staging for any style outdoors.

Preserving its natural textures and original architectural elements is a success, but if you want to update your image, there is an infallible resource: color. This was done on this facade, which arouses more visual interest with a greenish blue in its carpentry. Landscaping, Jesús Moraime.



A lively gathering, relaxing afternoons, the best reading, time for you ...

The ideal exterior is a promise of well-being that can only be achieved with comfortable furniture. Comfort allies with the good design on this sofa, from Point, with a high-strength foam seat. Mesa, by Notre Monde, in Nik Nai Nuna. Poufs, from Ikea. Cushions, by Pepe Peñalver.

Buy 49 € Poufs, from IKEA.

Architect, Susana García Peredo.


Converting the terrace into another room environment and, therefore, expanding it, is easy with a wall that connects them visually. Enter the Kömmerling website to know its sliding doors.

Furniture and carpets, from Los Peñotes. Plants, by Leroy Merlin. Reforma, from the Álvarez Sotelo study.

NATURAL CHARM documentation

Fever vintage has made the romantic wrought iron furniture booming.

Its authenticity undoubtedly adds points to the exteriors mix & match, that fuse pieces of diverse origins and times. In almonedas and brocantes you will find this type of furniture, whose beauty you can enhance with an upholstery with plant or botanical motifs. Print Palm House, from Sanderson, in Gancedo (53.48 / m).

MULTICOLOR OASIS documentation

The solution for this space without cover? A pergola equipped with sliding canvas and curtain, and a lattice. With its installation you can enjoy sun or shade, and you are safe from prying eyes. Its keys: warmth with the parquet that extends in the furniture and a vibrant color of festive air.

Basket and striped cushions, by Calma Chechu. Carpet and pillows, of Ethnic Carpets. Architect, Mª José Navarro.

URBAN ATTIC documentation

Designs of straight lines and homogeneity define this environment that emulates the contemporary aesthetics of rooftops bars, So trendy on the rooftops of restaurants and hotels.

Highlight: the functionality of aluminum furniture, which allow multiple distribution possibilities.

To buy 899 €

Set Hannah, from Bauhaus, with two corner modules - which can form a rectangular sofa - and a table (€ 899).

SUGGESTING LIGHT documentation

To get a special atmosphere, use candles, grouped or in a row. And if you have steps or a slope, place several and you will see how that area acquires a magical air.

Model scented candles NoaNoa, from Cerabella (from € 12.05).