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Ideas for ordering cleaning products

Where to store cleaning products to have them always at hand. Sometimes, we don't give importance to the space where we store the products we use to clean. With these ideas and tips you will see how easy it is to have everything well placed.
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How to remove permanent marker stains

Have you got stained with one of these? You will know how annoying it is to rub and rub and see that it does not come out even with hot water. The truth is that yes, there are some tricks with which to make it disappear. We tell you.
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The before and after bedroom of a newborn

What began as a Home Staging project, ended up becoming the room of a newborn decorated in a range of pink colors. This baby room is a very functional and beautiful bet. With practical and versatile furniture. The cradle has drawers, storage area and changing table.
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Romantic rose

From the pink stick to the bright fuchsia, this range distills delicacy, tenderness, strength, energy and youth in equal parts.
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